Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mommy Manifesto --In Other Words

I just had to include this "in other words" rendition of my manifesto, courtesy of my sis.

Trust your instincts: In other words, do what feels right. If you do, you will not be the perfect parent, but you will be a pretty damn good one.

Trust your son: In other words, don't fuss too much about what you are doing or not doing. Kids have a way of getting what they need. It's kinda their one and only job. You just need to pay attention as best you can.

Parent with respect: In other words, do more listening than talking. Respond more than you act. Invite more often than you impose.

Avoid Accidental Parenting: In other words, how long before this isn't cute any more?

Coming up next:
My parenting book list and a few documentaries that are worth a gander.

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