Friday, August 3, 2012

Toddler in the Garden

Summer 2012
Spring 2011
Our (almost) 3 year old has been watering our indoor herb garden for a year and half now, has been picking peppers (prematurely) in the garden this summer, and has a penchant for reorganizing the vegetable markers.  But now we can add "tamarind watcher" to the list.

Our tamarind plant was lovingly grown from seed in our basement under lights this spring.  Now our toddler has placed it on our kitchen table as a centrepiece.  And what a perfect centre-piece it is.  The tamarind leaves fold in towards each other in the evenings as we eat dinner, and are still opening back up again over breakfast.  We have a larger plant outside that gets included in our daily 'tamarind talk', and it is lovely to see our little guy take such an interest in watching this plant change.  I think it leads him to pay a little more attention to the other (less active) plants in our sill: he wants to keep all of our window-sill herbs (especially the basil) "happy" with daily watering.

Our tamarind plant

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